Lunastry Candle intuitions

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There is a candle for every feeling and every mood.  The scents are aromatic and soothing.  Burn the candle and save the crystal.

BlessingsSoy wax Candle with gold
Foil blessings label topped with amethyst chips, Glitter and dried flowers

Relaxation: Soy wax candle topped with small amethyst cluster, and silver moon charm. Amethyst is a great relaxing stone, helps with stress and sleep.

Intuition: Intuitions soy wax candle topped with amethyst, purple statice flower sprinkled with lavender

Let that Shit Go: Light it up and let it go. 11oz soy Wax candle topped with amethyst chips, rose petals and glitter stars.

Luna LuxeRocky Rose soy wax candle topped with mirror pink glass. Beautiful to reflect the light of your flame

Protection from Assholes: Fun soy wax candle topped with smoky Quartz chips

 Goddess: Unleash that inner goddess. Soy wax candle topped with dried flowers and herbs, rose quartz and glitter

Surrender16 oz soy wax prayer candle with a hidden crystal inside. Use your crystal as guidance, research and apply the healing properties for the crystal you get. If you don’t know your crystal please email us with a photo and we will be able to help you. This is the moon phase that just passed its brightest and fullest. the waning moon is about surrender, Forgiveness and letting go. Do not try to control things, it will not bring you peace

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