Hello! I’m Keiauna and I would like to introduce YOU to The BeYOUtiful Boutiques.

Not only do we make women of all sizes look and feel great here, but we make friends that become family. We laugh, we cry, we pray, and of course we have lots of fun in our Downtown Montgomery space. I began my mobile boutique/fashion truck in 2014 at a time when Montgomery didn’t even have food trucks. With extreme perseverance, God’s guidance, and loads of hiccups, including a divorce, a couple of high school graduates, a new family, a terrible car accident (in which my neck was broken and the very thought of driving again was extremely terrifying), a holiday pop up landed me right here in Downtown Montgomery on Court Square. I fell in love with this business all over again. Not only was I popping up in a brand new fashion truck (truck #2), but I was having a blast and meeting new faces. People from all over the world travel to Montgomery, and The Lord dropped us right here in the middle of it. I Can't Wait to Meet You... It is my pleasure to have been blessed with the opportunity to meet such phenomenal women- both in person and online. If I had to leave you with one thing until you make your way down to The BeYOUtiful Boutiques so we can meet in person, it would be: Follow your dreams! I am a living witness that when there is a God-given vision birthed inside of you, it is meant for you. Go after your dreams! No one said that there wouldn’t be trials, but you can do it babygirl! Okay maybe two things: Ecclesiastes 9:11- "The race, is not given to the swift nor the strong but to the one who endures to the end."

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