"Stronger than the Storm"

Storms..the inevitable experiences that ferociously break us to beYOUtifully build us. Technically storms are defined as any violent atmospheric disturbances. They can range from ordinary rain showers to thunderstorms, tornadoes or cyclones. That range from both ends of the disturbance SPECTRUM is what we call life. Ironically storms can be intriguing and the approaches to them vary from the proactive security of storm preparation kits to the people who create adrenaline rushes and fascination by actually chasing them. One truth stands constant… THERE WILL BE STORMS. They can be predicted but not postponed. Our lives are  in fact, a series of brutal unexpected devastating storms but the newsflash of hope is… YOU ARE… WE ARE “stronger than the storms”. Yes, they leave us with fractured, faith, broken hearts, and chaotic existence. Storm impacts are mental, emotional, and the physical trajectory of our lives. Our paths are not just redirected… they are completely blown away by the bitter and raging storm winds. They disturb us beyond the external…we lose focus, hope, dreams and often times we can temporarily lose ourselves.

Who are we post storm? Reflect upon the storms that left you just a shell of flesh stripped of a desire to rebuild, when even the thought of continuing life frightened you. You searched with futile desperation for even a “PAUSE”  button, but time continued (even without your active participation).  In supernatural strength you kept breathing, kept standing, and you SURVIVED.  

After you emerged from that pitch black cave life handed you a survivor trophy engraved with the proclamation, “STRONGER than the Storm”. The rubble and wreckage of losses, brokenness, divorce, illness, betrayal, job loss, financial ruin and even death all worked together and became your faith filled strength… the steppingstones to your divine destiny.

The storm whispered in your ear “you are stronger than I could ever be. I am, but God‘s employee, His instrument. I was never meant to break you but rather to make you. Remember your greatest treasures are buried beneath the storm wreckage. You are radiantly , buoyantly, and BeYOUtifully stronger than the storm. Be encouraged today and encourage someone else today. Join us in supporting our BeYOUtiful family members by purchasing our exclusive "Stronger than the Storm" Tee shirt, a symbol of resilience and solidarity.

The proceeds from this tee will be given directly to a family member currently experiencing a storm to let them know that they are not alone and that we as a community are here. Together, we help weather storms and emerge stronger.

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