What is Sezzle & Why should I care?

First of all, Sezzle will easily become your new best friend. Let me tell you why....

Sezzle is like..........layaway and a credit card having a baby without any pains (no wait, fees, credit check or interest).  It allows you to split your total in 4 easy payments over 6 weeks, which usually falls with most pay periods. Even if you just happen to shop on a non pay cycle week, you can push your entire payment schedule back for free.

Who wouldn’t want $200 in shopping for only 50 bucks? When you walk in and the hubby wants to know how much you spent, you can honestly say $50. Ha!

Shop now. Pay Later.

Upon checkout, enter your shipping information, continue to payment options and select Sezzle. The sign up takes about 2 minutes.




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