When Times are Hard, Think Back

In life, it can be so easy to get caught up in the distractions of “here and now”. In my case, “here and now” is tough. Focusing on the toughness of today is a trick of the enemy that seems to diminish the faith that bloomed from the pains of yesterday. Some of our yesterdays  were so rough that we couldn’t imagine our way through and then tomorrow came. What a relief it is to realize that you made it to tomorrow and it’s much better than yesterday. 

In today’s toughness, choose to reflect on yesterday’s pain as a reminder of the faith and tenacity that developed and bloomed out of it. Focus on overcoming today with the hope of a better tomorrow’s joy. God did not bring us this far to leave us.

It was Super Bowl Sunday 2017, less than 2 months after my wedding at a time when I thought that life was great. Well, actually it was. Life has many moments some which are great even though they don’t seem so great right then. This accident landed me in a neck brace for 7 months and on an emotional roller coaster that continued long after.

After many long days and nights of self pity and believing that I would never drive again, I woke up. I realized that God had not only given me a vision but that He had kept me and this new life would afford me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. It was the moment that I was able to get behind the Wheel of The BeYOUtiful Boutiques (my fashion truck) that my fears were gone and the thrills and joys of living my dream were re-ignited. 

Not only was I able to purchase my second fashion truck within 6 months of driving again but I popped up in downtown Montgomery where the downtown life captured my attention. It is 3 years and 2 moves later on the historical Dexter Avenue that this dream continues. The BeYOUtiful Boutiques is alive and thriving and our mission is to not only encourage women by promoting creativity and confidence but to be the proof that dreams don’t die. 

The BeYOUtiful Boutiques is located right behind the very fountain where slaves were sold and traded. Not only is this a wonderful boutique where woman come for new looks and new feels but it is a place of sisterhood where we laugh, we cry, we pray and we celebrate one another.


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