8 Plus Size Style Tips from The BeYOUtiful Boutiques!

Having a great wardrobe that helps you to feel confident and BeYOUtiful is a goal at The BeYOUtiful Boutiques! We understand that a voluptuous, curvy, body needs to be styled differently than a long and lean body. Today we are sharing 8 plus size style tips in celebration of Plus Size Appreciation Day!

Know Your Body Shape  

Everyone has a unique body shape and it is gorgeous! Knowing your body shape will help you choose the styles and fit that flatter you the most. The most common body shapes are: rectangular, hourglass, triangle (pear), and inverted triangle (apple). Not one single body shape is better than the other- they are just descriptions. Learn more and discover your body shape here.  

plus size woman wearing a black cocoon top over jeans and large heart statement earrings



Speaking of body shapes, we haven’t seen a body yet that this Cinched Front Cocoon Top didn’t look great on! This high/low cinched front cocoon top pairs perfectly with shorts, scubas, or jeans. The front has adjustable ties that can be cinched to the bra or to the knees. No matter how much you choose to cinch, the cocoon-shaped back and sides of this top will accentuate your choice. This lightweight top is sleeveless with a distressed v-neck, and it even has pockets! Perfect for errands, dates, the beach- all the time.





Invest in Some Good Shapewear

Good shapewear will help you to feel confident and secure. It helps to smooth and improve the fit of many clothes. If you would like to smooth your abdomen area, find a good camisole or corset. To target your hips, thighs, or buttocks, look for slimming panties, shorts, or even capris or pants. 


Statement Jewelry is a Must!

headshot of a plus size model wearing oversized statement earrings in the shape of a heart and a black top

We love statement jewelry at the BeYOUtiful Boutiques! Whether it is a pair of statement earrings, a bold necklace, or an eye-catching headband, we are always encouraging accessories. A woman’s head and neck are sexy and beautiful no matter their size so drawing attention to collarbones and chest is always a good thing! 

Look at these fun KeKe Jumbo Heart Earrings on our gorgeous model!  Browse our Accessories collection to see our statement jewelry modeled by our very one BeYOU Beauties or stop by the boutique to see them in person! 




Embrace Color!

plus size model wearing a blue 3 piece set and holding a pink clutch


On the same note as statement jewelry, learn to embrace color! Incorporating color into your wardrobe is another way to express your personality and style. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and walk boldly and confidently throughout your day. At The BeYOUtiful Boutiques, we love to flaunt colorful clothing that makes a statement of beauty and confidence!  (If you aren’t quite ready to add a lot of color to your wardrobe, try adding pops of color such as a scarf, belt, or turban first! Once you see what a difference it makes you can confidently add more!) 

Look at this stunning 3 piece set! It is great together or separate. The blazer, fully lined, is an office must-have. Pair the blazer and pants and you're ready for the boardroom. Get ready for the night by grabbing the bralette to wear with the blazer and pants or just the pants. This set is an entire vibe.  With these bold-colored pieces, you are ready for anything!


Add Prints, Patterns, and Texture to your Wardrobe! 

plus size model wearing a brown pleather dress and smiling with her hands on her hips



We love prints, patterns, and texture in our outfits at The BeYOUtiful Boutiques and you should too! The texture of our sequined tunics as they shimmer and shine is eye-catching and stunning! Don’t be afraid of adding a print or pattern to your closet. These can help show off your personality and up your style in a beautiful way. Be Bold! Make a statement!

Look at the gorgeous texture on this pleather dress! These have just been restocked in store, are available in multiple colors, and in plus sizes as well! This is the perfect dress to add just a hint of style and attitude to your wardrobe!

Dress Up Your Denim

Finding a good pair of denim jeans can turn an “ok” outfit into a stylish one. Spend some time finding the best fit and style for your body. Embrace style with your denim by choosing denim with fringe, some deconstruction, or embellishments. They immediately up your style factor. Denim with some extra style, a top you feel fabulous in, and some eye-catching statement earrings can help you get through the daily grind with some added fun and flair. Everything is better when you feel good about the way you look!  

Check out our denim collection online, watch our lives on Facebook or our app,  or stop in the store to be sized and find your perfect favorite pair of jeans!  

PS We have some wonderful denim on sale right now! 

Connect with Plus Size Style Communities

While we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to how we look, other women can be our champions! Connect with plus-size-style communities online and in real life! Through our Facebook lives, Instagram page, and app, The BeYOUtiful Boutiques has built a culture of connection for plus-sized women and others! We would love to have you join the fun, encouragement, and fashion community we have worked so hard to build! 

Follow our Facebook page here: BeYOUtiful on Wheels

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We highly recommend joining our live sales on Facebook or in our app! You will see our clothing on real models and can ask questions about fit and sizing right there! 

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Final Message: Never Forget How BeYOUtiful You Are! 

At The BeYOUtiful Boutiques, we know that every woman can look and feel beautiful no matter her size! We curate outfits for women of every shape and size to help them feel beautiful, confident, and stylish! Never forget how BeYOUtiful you are! 


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