We Need Each Other: The Power of Positive Words

April was my birthday month. I turned 42. My Big BeYou’s and I celebrated the entire month and it was fabulous! Even though we were celebrating the day of MY birth, I intentionally gave it my all to encourage and celebrate others all month long. Why? Because we all need each other. Community…whether it be family, friends, or businesses we need each other to get through life.

Keiauna White posing in her It's My Birthday Sequin dress in pink wearing pink sneakers.

The Power of Positive Words

I am a small business owner. I am a woman. I am an African American woman. That makes me an African American woman small business owner. That last sentence itself shows so many reasons why we need each other! There are so many challenges to overcome. If any of us are to succeed (and by any of us I mean moms, daughters, people, business owners, employees, homemakers, every single one of us) then we need others in our lives to help. I want to be someone who encourages, loves, and esteems other people because I believe there is power in positive words and celebrating others. 

I know many business owners would question why I would shout out and publicize other businesses… “Aren’t you taking the chance of losing business to them?”... I guess I could be, but I truly believe that my candle loses nothing when it lights another. There is enough business out there for all of us. We need each other. You never know when that one encouraging encounter can change someone’s day or someone’s life! I truly believe that an additional 4 or 5 people supporting a business, can literally make or break that business and if I can possibly foster the positive introduction, then I sure will try. 

Be the Candle that Lights Another

Our community is a powerful influence and you can be a driving force within that community. I am not only speaking as a business owner but as a person. Every time we open our mouths (or post on social media) we have the power to hurt and the power to heal. Are your words helping or hurting those around you? Do you use your voice to esteem others or are you solely focused on yourself? The right words spoken at the right time can be life-changing for those around you. 

I bet if you think hard enough you can recall a teacher, a friend, a coach…someone in your life who spoke words to you that changed the way you think about yourself. If the words were good and encouraging you should cherish them. If the words were not good nor encouraging, yet they still echo in your mind, you need to destroy those lies! 

If you have ever watched one of my lives on Instagram, Facebook, or through my Big BeYou app, then you know my goal is to speak life to all of you. Our Monday Motivations on Facebook by my aunt, aka Tee GeeGee have the same goal. 

The Community Around Us 

In the spirit of fostering positive introductions, some of my favorite events and fellow business owners celebrated this month are below. You should connect with them! They are wonderful people giving their all every day just like each of us!

The first of April I got to visit market in Atlanta and had a fabulous time picking out new items for the Boutique. Such an amazing time! I can’t wait for you to see all the great new things coming! 

Keiauna white standing in front of a flowered wall with the lighted sign Atlanta Apparel Two women standing in front of shelves of shoes.

The month's celebrations started with The Denim BlackTie Cocktail Fundraiser benefitting the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Association presented by the Delbert B. Madison II Foundation. The celebrity DJ was Stormy and the fabulous Eric M. Nettles and Ashlen Rene were featured. 

A group of 6 women smiling for the camera at the Denim Black Tie Fundraiser


I also had the honor of attending the Mack Wilson Mixer at the Biscuits Club Car sponsored by District 3 City Councillor Marche’ Johnson

Keiauna White posing with Marche' Johnson with a blue backdrop

A group of 4 posing with Marche Johnson with a blue background


Then came the historic event: Women and the Robe Symposium honoring Supreme Court Nominee Kentanji Brown Jackson. It was a wonderful time filled with so many women making history! 

Women and the Robe Symposium invitation honoring kentanji Brown Jackson, supreme court justice nominee

Women in robes standing to be honored

The BeYOUtiful Boutiques was a proud sponsor of T.R.U.T.H with Antwoine D’Angelo Perkins which because of the weather, was rescheduled until May 22. I mean, doesn’t that mean that it’s still my birthday?

We held an amazing birthday celebration at my boutique. Eric M. Nettles accompanied by Terrence Baldwin owner of Music Education On Wheels (M.E.O.W. Academy and Leader of Souled Out Groove was the entertainment.)My dear friend Dr. Abolade (owner of my favorite med spa Aesthetica Montgomery Medspa stopped by as well as the mastermind owner and operator of Aqua Lime Skincare attended. She makes the most beautiful skincare products! Catering was provided by my friend Keyosha Jones-Shuford with Pure Joy catering. (Find her on insta @keyosha_j_s) 

Two women hugging and smiling at a birthday party.

Group of women smiling for a selfie at a birthday party

a charcuterie board of meats, cheeses,crackers and olives.

Man standing in front of laptop and sound board playing music at a birthday party. 

We also hosted a fundraiser for Cierra Johnson Belser the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Woman/Man of the Year Competition. Boy was that fun! We had popcorn by Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn and made our own candles with Melissa Warnke Candles.

Cierra Johnson Belser Fundraiser details for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man & Woman of the Year

We had pop-ups at The King’s Canvas. This new patron is amazing, the things that Kevin King is doing in the community are phenomenal (look it up and stop by) I painted my own portrait.

Keiauna White poses smiling holding her painting from The Kings Canvas


Do you have a dentist that you love? I do! Even though I had to pay them a visit in my birthday month, Dr. Nxingha Stovall always makes it a pleasant experience. Highly recommend her practice Picture Perfect Smiles!

Keiauna smiling for the camera with a mouth full of gauze at the dentist

23 Court Cigar is my second favorite place to be downtown beside the boutique. Their selection of bourbons, cigars, and handcrafted drinks are …… my goodness… and the staff is so knowledgeable and professional. It’s such the sophisticated vibe with a “CHEERS” feel.

cocktail sitting on a bar from 23 Court Cigar

fruity cocktail sitting on a bar at 23 Court Cigar

My gosh, I had the pleasure of attending a private event at the new Vintage Hospitality Group location of Ravello Ristorante on Commerce Street. 

We headed up the street and enjoyed the lux feel and great vibes at 109 Truth Lounge. Did you know that they have live bands and day parties? I know, most of you didn’t know that and that, my friends, was the point! 

Some of my other favs are in the mulberry district and I shopped there ON MY birthday. Check out Chikodi’s World Boutique for great jewelry and ethnic finds as well as natural hair care. The next stop was The Cheesecake Empori-Yum. They have the BEST cheesecakes and egg rolls in the city! The soul food egg rolls are my favorite. I stopped by Mela’s Boutique and grabbed a swimsuit for one of my beach trips and picked up some HBCU and Greek paraphernalia from House of Greek. Then swung around the corner and purchased more items from my girl Fearless Chic Boutique

group of women standing outside The BeYOUtiful Boutiques holding their shopping bags.

Keiauna White standing on a white sand beach with blue sky wearing a pink 2 piece bathing suit.

I’m always grateful for Provitt Prints (Have you gotten your “Just a Woman Making History” tee yet? You should! Afterall, you are a woman making history! ) and YBM Vision keeps our photos on point

Woman and man sitting next to each other smiling

Now it’s May and I’m exhausted but my only wish for April was to share the love of community with the community that I love. Remember we need each other and your candle loses nothing when it lights another! 

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